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Uri KTHR - Barcelona

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I knew Graffiti through my addiction to breaking when I arrived in Barcelona in 1984. I started practicing it in 1986 when I formed a group with Koa that would be exclusively Graffiti. We called it Mafia 2 after the New York Mafia group, which we learned about by getting the Subway Art book for Christmas 1985.


What's Graffiti means to you?

Since I started, the writer was like a superhero with a secret personality. It was my comic book life on a real stage. Over time I realized that it brought me freedom and some kind of personal growth. It also taught me to be skeptical of society, not believe what is established and use common sense without being too influenced by general propaganda. It also helps me to express myself, just like making music or dancing. I keep everything in my life because each expression complements each other and helps me to continue here.


My main influence is wildstyle, European and partly from where he is born, which is New York in the last days of the trains. From there everything mixes and I like very different things. My style tends to be explosive and somewhat aggressive or maybe very movement.


"I highly value people who want to document, organize and expose this culture. I have done it for a long time and I continue to do it. It is so because when I started it was thanks to seeing a book (Subway Art). So thank you for your work. "

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