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Eslicer - Barcelona

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I started around 2004/2005 encouraged by some mates who painted. Graffiti had always caught my attention, I had always drawn and, actually, I started painting some illegal things, but I quickly headed towards muralism. The name comes from the original word 'Slick', but it evolved until today when I put 'Eslicer'


What's Graffiti means to you?

It's a part of me, I've been a few years without painting, and now that I'm back I remember why I started in this game. It brings me many good things.


Well, I don't like to label myself, I like realism, but I also like design and dripping. I like the mixture of cleanliness and chaos that each of these elements can bring, it can leave a very harmonious result.


"Let's leave the Egos. Let's enjoy, this is what we'll take with us."

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