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Leim - Altafulla

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I started tagging 99 and painting more seriously about 2001/2002. The first five years I basically started to paint alone and then I started to met the gang through rap in Sabadell and I started to move and you know that when you paint with people you evolve much more.

What's Graffiti means to you?

Since 2002 this has become my life, I am quite obsessive. Before this I skated with rollers and I was crazy, I started with rap and Graffiti began from rap, now I have dedicated myself exclusively to painting for 10/12 years and my job is to make murals, this is my fucking life, if I stop doing this, I'm in panties, I have many other concerns but it's my fucking life, Graffiti has led me to try tattooing, illustrating, learning more about what would be the most classic painting, which I have also put a lot of work into, the most academic drawing , to toy art, sculpture, design…


Right now I'm making very cartoony characters, very much from the 80s comics, I try to make them look cool and without complicating myself, I couldn't tell you about letters... Maybe the gang saw it as super futuristic when I painted pieces, which for me was a wildstyle but people saw that I did different skills and strange moves, that I didn't put 3ds or anything that was as constituted, but I've always thought that it's a bit about that, that each one put their move there.


"Que la peña siga así, que si le mola pintar, que pinte, que se engorile y que le meta caña y que haga caso de lo que le pida el cuerpo sin rendirse, que a veces no es tan difícil terminar haciendo algo trascendente, hay muchas veces que desmotiva pero que la peña pinte, que queden, que pinten y que no lo dejen, como hacíamos antes."

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