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Ruars - Elche

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My beginnings were tagging with the skateboard around my neighborhood, late 80's early 90's... The strong period of hip hop began and since I went to school where there was an abandoned factory right in front that I could see from the class window... That factory was full of Graffiti from people that I still idolize today, such as Mr. Rosh.


I started writing 'Guats' but another big one like mc Tees told me: why don't you put Ruars? and from that day I stayed with that tag...


My first piece was in 1995 with my brother 'the Cash' but my golden decade began in 1998 until 2008 with the AKA "Rua" or "Tpsa" who was my group in all that time... I painted every week with a lot of people and in many cities until I had a bad personal experience and I hung up the sprays until last year when I started painting again…

"The state of flow between me and the wall has returned… I am in my second stage of Graffiti and I can only thank this move for everything I have experienced and what remains to be lived…"

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