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Vandanimals - Tarragona

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Vandanimals was born in 2017 as a group of 4 friends who painted and decided to try something different from what we used to do, paint animals instead of letters. We were doing it like this until due to life circumstances there was only one painting with that name. To this day I try to paint once a week, although not only animals with that name are painted but also letters, although they always try to innovate in the way they are done or in the final result.


What's Graffiti means to you?

Graffiti is somehow a way to escape and at the same time connect with the environment, it is to leave a mark on a place where you have been investing your time in creating something new. Somehow it serves as therapy to make a moment transcend, even if it is only in your memory and so that the next time you go through that place you say, here it was or here is a vivid moment and who knows who will have shared it with you when they saw it , if that moment that you had with the wall and with yourself will have transmitted something to other people.


In the end, the style is something that changes over time, but in the pieces I try to make them different from what is usually seen, although most of them are quite simple, Vandanimal tries to conceptualize an idea to capture it on the wall and in the end, in that sense, the style stays in the background.


"Do what you like and bet on it, don't get frustrated if you don't get it at first, practice and learn to be happy with what you do."

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